Frequently Asked Questions


How can I help?

You can help by chosing a microcredit application and donating for it. Find out more about the procedure on our how it works page.

What is SYPO?

SYPO is a dutch NGO supporting women in rural Uganda by providing Microcredits. Find out more on the Organisation on the about page. 

What does SYPO do?

SYPO gives small business loans to women in rural areas of Uganda. We work in places that are too remote (and therefore too expensive) for other microfinance organizations to serve. To be able to do that, SYPO works with a low cost model; a 'lean' organization and smart use of mobile technology. To read more about why microfinance is such a powerful poverty allevition tool, read our article 'Why microfinance works'.

When was SYPO founded?

SYPO was started in 2003, and focused on supporting entrepreneurial projects in Uganda. To find out more about the History of SYPO, read on the about page.

What is SYPO's mission and vision?

SYPO believes that gaining access to microfinance services such as business loans will improve the economic resilience, independence and freedom of choice of Ugandan women and their households.

The mission is set „to reach the underserved poor of Uganda, achieving a sustainable impact on their lives through financial services and principles of entrepreneurship, while developing a great team of professionals and sharing results that can advance the work of other organizations“.

What's the plan going forward?

SYPO works in the Mukono and Buikwe districts in Central Uganda, and will continue to focus on those two districts in the coming years. The demand for more microcredits in this region is enormous - our assessment shows that in order to serve all the women who need our help most in the region, we need to grow to a portfolio of at least 15,000 microcredits. In order to do this, we started this website to ask you for your help.

Is SYPO for-profit or non-profit?

SYPO is a non-profit NGO in the Netherlands, with the objective to help poor women in rural Uganda with entrepreneurial projects. For our microfinance project, we started the company SYPO Uganda Ltd. in Uganda. This company is fully owned by the NGO in the Netherlands - any profits it makes need to be reinvested in the project. So why did we start it as a company? The beauty of microfinance is that it doesn't feel like charity to the people we help. The women get a microcredit, and pay interest while expanding their business. So we didn't want to make them feel like they're accepting handouts. We are structured and operate as a company in Uganda, while the social mission is fully protected by the statutes of the shareholder, the Dutch NGO SYPO.

What happens to a microcredit if no one supports it on this website?

Microcredit applications show up on this site only after our team in Uganda has approved them. This includes a thorough assessment of both the entrepreneur and her business. If a certain microcredit is not selected by any sponsor on this website, we try to find alternative funding for it, which we usually can. However every microcredit you sponsor accelerates our ability to grow and support more women with microcredits. 

What percentage of my donation is actually used to help the women in Uganda?

One of the great things about microfinance is that it can be completely self-sustaining. All the costs of the organization in Uganda are covered by interest paid on the microcredits. That's why we can use 100% of your donation directly to help the women that you chose to support.

How do I find out what happened to my donation?

After donating, you will get updates from us via mail and you will be able to track progress of the microcredit you sponsored through the 'My portfolio' page. Once the microcredit is fully repaid we will inform you so you can chose another woman to support.

Can I contact or visit the woman that I supported through this website?

To protect the privacy of the women that we help in Uganda, it is not possible for you to directly contact the woman you supported, or to visit them. If however you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us

Can I see your annual reports?

We ask for your financial support, and of course that means that we want to be accountable to you. Please find all our annual reports and impact assessments on this page

The quality of the English and the photos of the microcredit applications is low - why is that?

The microcredit applications are written by the team in Uganda. English is not their first language, and the photos are taken and uploaded with the team's phones in field conditions. Please bear with us and assess the meaning, not the form of the applications!

Are the women trained by SYPO before they receive their microcredit?

In general we find that the women who apply for microcredits with us know their business well, and better than us. We cannot teach them much about keeping poulty if that's what their family has been doing for generations. We do however train them in basic financial literacy, and we organize days on which they can share experiences with other women engaged in similar businesses (in the poultry example, women can share what price they get for their eggs, what vaccines work best, which vendors to avoid, etc).

Are there plans for SYPO to expand beyond Uganda?

We can work most efficiently in the region we know well. The demand in Central Uganda is still overwhelming, so we have no plans to expand beyond the region we currently work in.

Can I use SYPO's data for my research?

In order to continuously improve our impact and efficiency, SYPO collects extensive data regarding repayment patterns and social impact. You can contact us for any reputable research that can advance the understanding of microfinance.