Sample screenshots from the starter package

Screenshort from Credit Manual

Screenshot from Credit Manual

Screenshot from ten year budget

Screenshot from 10 year budget

Screenshot from employee performance review

Screenshot from Employee performance review

Progress out of Poverty Index

Screenshot from Progress out of Poverty Index

Overview of Starter package

Screenshot of overview of Starter package

Starter package

If your non-profit organization is considering starting a microfinance project, we are happy to share a 'starter package' that could help you on your way. This may save you a lot of time and money having to draft all the employee and loan contracts, manuals, budgets, etc. involved. 

We're also happy to set up a few calls to discuss any questions you may have. 

Our experience is mainly focused on rural Africa, but we have also seen that microfinance can be successful almost anywhere in the world; from refugee camps in South Sudan to small town Mexico and urban Harlem, New York. 

To receive our starter package (free of charge, although we always welcome donations!), please contact us and explain your need. If you are a for-profit organization, we will ask a donation of $5,000 for this package.

What's included in the starter package

  1. Organization Manuals
  2. Employee contracts
  3. Client application form
  4. Client group loan contracts
  5. Client group resolution form
  6. Example field office posters
  7. Team barometer (semi-annual employee survey)
  8. Progress out of Poverty Index and use
  9. Example impact study
  10. Template field office tenancy agreement
  11. IT system provider summary
  12. Employee performance review agreement
  13. Example budget
  14. Example annual report



SYPO attempts to actively share findings and experience with other organizations - during conferences, with publications and by sharing tangible documentation that other organizations can use. We also welcome any academic research and are happy to share data to better understand microfinance and optimize its impact. 

Over 1 billion people do not have access to critical financial services that can help lift them out of poverty. These services include not only lending products, but also savings, insurance, and money transfers. Each of these tools can help either to cope with poverty (e.g. insurance in the case of a extended drought) or actually decrease poverty (e.g. mobile money transfers). 

If there's any way in which SYPO can help your research or your organization advance microfinance around the world, please let us know.

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