Support individual micro-entrepreneurs in Uganda

Through this site you can donate individual microcredits for women entrepreneurs in rural Uganda. After you donate the microcredit, our team of 'loan officers' in Uganda will disburse the microcredit. The woman who receives the credit will start repaying a few weeks later, and has a maximum of one year to repay the full microcredit in weekly installments. You can track those repayments in 'Your portfolio' on this site, where the repayments show up as SYPO credits that you can recycle to new microcredits. This way you can see the potential of microfinance by choosing exactly what business project you'd like to support, and by seeing how the women use these funds to grow over time.

We are a non-profit organization. 100% of your donation is disbursed as microcredits; all the costs of the organization in Uganda are covered by interest paid over the microcredits, to ensure long-term sustainability and to make sure that your entire donation is used the way you intended it.