SYPO has a team of talented young professionals in Uganda. Each of our employees has a university degree, several years of work experience, and most important of all a passion for helping the rural poor. The employees each have a budget to pursue Master (or other) degrees during their employment with SYPO.

SYPO keeps a flat organization structure - each employee has a high level of autonomy and responsibility. That's why each of our team members in Uganda is a 'manager'. All managers, and yet no one is managed. They have end-to-end responsibility over their own part of the company, which is both more interesting for the team members and more efficient as an organization. The team spends most of their time in the field, working in simple offices right in the middle of the villages where we help the poor. 

Outside of Uganda we work with volunteers only; both our Supervisory Board and our Directors are unremunerated. 

To learn more about our organizational model, read here.


Team in Uganda

The team in Uganda spends four days a week in the field - deep in the villages where we provide microfinance services. They take new microcredit applications, help the women develop their businesses, write up financial reports, etc.

DukoMilly Naggayi, Performance Manager

Milly has worked with SYPO since 2011. She started as a Zone Manager in the Namaiba zone, and was promoted to Performance Manager in 2016. While working as Zone Manager, Milly pursued an MBA with Makerere School of Business in Kampala. Milly is in charge of the day to day operations of the team in Uganda.

DukoJoan Nakkazi, Compliance Manager

Joan started as Zone Manager with SYPO in 2012. She quickly had the largest zone in the company, with over 900 microcredits under her responsibility. She was promoted to Compliance Officer in 2015, conducting internal audits across the zones and checking microcredit applications for consistency and accuracy.

DukoCate Kakayi, Zone Manager

Cate's zone is Kisoga, a market village in Mukono district. She started with SYPO in 2014. She has a Bachelor's degree in Population Studies from Makerere University, and loves the job because helping poor women in rural areas reminds her of her own mother, who was a microentrepreneur and struggled hard to raise the capital to invest enough to make a profit and pay for Cate's school fees.

Christine Bodyo, Zone ManagerDuko

Christine joined the team in 2013. She works in Ssi, an extremely remote village in the Buikwe district, bordering Lake Victoria. Many of the women in her zone live invest their microcredits in fishing boats or the fish trade. She is still amazed at how the microcredits empower women economically and help them socially to realize their potential and bring positive changes in the lives of their families.

Esther Nakurai, Zone ManagerDuko

Esther joined SYPO in 2015, and started a zone in the village Mpaata. She now has over 500 clients and impeccable repayments. She enjoys spending time in the field and learning from the women - visiting their businesses and seeing how they grow and diversify.

DukoFelicity Ssewante, Zone Manager

Felicity joined the team in 2015, and took over an existing zone in the village Lugasa. She has a Bachelor degree from Kyambogo University.

DukoLillian Uwera, Zone Manager

Lillian started working with SYPO in 2017. She started a new zone in Katosi, a particularly poor and remote fishermen village on the shores of Lake Victoria. 

DukoMartha Atigo, Zone Manager

Martha started with SYPO in 2017. She has her own zone in the larger village Kisoga. 


DukoRukiah Namiiro, Zone Manager

Rukiah joined the team in 2015, and works in the village Ngogwe. She has a Bachelor's degree in Microfinance from Kyambogo University, and enjoys working with SYPO because she is continuously inspired by how hard the women are willing to work to improve the lives of their families.

DukoAidah Nabankema, Zone Manager

Aidah joined SYPO in 2017, working in the small village Namaiba.



Our Directors have executive responsibility over the project, and report to the Supervisory Board. Both Director and Board positions are not remunerated. 


Duko Hopman, Director

Duko has been Director of SYPO since its  start in 2003. In his 'day job' he is a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, living in New York City. He is passionate about financial services for the poor.


Emma Kandelaars, Director

Emma has been Director of SYPO since 2012. Emma is also a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, in their Dubai office. She also worked with a microfinance company in South Sudan.


The Supervisory Board of the NGO SYPO in the Netherlands oversees the activities of the NGO and ensures that all donations and other funds are spent efficiently and with high beneficial social impact.


Ger van der Bruggen, Chairman (Supervisory Board)

Ger has been the Chairman of SYPO since its inception in 2003. He has a background in entrepreneurship and is passionate about supporting entrepreneurship in emerging markets.


Marc Huitink, Treasurer (Supervisory Board)

Marc has been with SYPO since 2014. He is in charge of the financial oversight of the NGO. In his 'day job' he is financial controller for a nationwide utility grid operator.


Pieter de Hoop, Board Member (Supervisory Board)

Pieter has served on SYPO's board since its inception in 2003. He is an entrepreneur with deep understanding of agribusiness in emerging markets. Pieter travels to Uganda regularly to provide Board oversight on the daily operations of the organization.


Johan Heijink, Board Member (Supervisory Board)

Johan is a lecturer at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. He's been with SYPO since 2015, and focuses on linking students and researchers to the NGO.


Klaas de Haan, Board Member (Supervisory Board)

Klaas has been with SYPO since 2015. He is an expert in agribusiness and focuses on SYPO's operational decisions that maximize the beneficial impact on the women engaged in agricultural entrepreneurship.

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