Terms of donation

SYPO is a non-profit charitable organization. Your donation will be used in full to support women in Uganda with microcredits. 

To demonstrate the potential of microfinance, SYPO shows you the repayments made on microcredits that you supported on this website; you can use those repayments as 'credits' to support new microcredits. You cannot however take out those credits in cash - your donation is permanent. If SYPO discontinues this website in the future, it will continue to use your donation in accordance with its charitable mission. 

In rare cases of default on a microcredit the sponsor of that microcredit will no longer see new repayments coming in as credits.

If you decide not to use credits in your account to support new microcredits, SYPO will use the repayments made on the microcredit you supported to disburse new microcredits. SYPO will however make sure that whenever you do decide to use your credits to support a microcredit, it has sufficient funds available to disburse the new microcredit you selected.